Filby Village Hall

Hall Secretary Mrs Joy Baldry

Tel. 01493 369375



Filby Village Hall, Filby Playing Field, Main Road, Filby, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR29 3HN

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Chairman Mr Adrian Thompson

Tel. 01493 369250



Filby Village Screen 221st May 2019

Filby Village Screenings are held at 2:30pm and 7:00 pm on the third Tuesday of each month. Tickets, priced at £4.00 per person, are available, at the door. The main feature is preceded by a trailer for next month's show followed by some entertaining shorts. Refreshments are available during an interval. Forthcoming screenings are listed, here.


Tue 18 Jun The Keeper

The Keeper tells the incredible true story of Bert Trautmann (David Kross), a German soldier and prisoner of war who, against a backdrop of British post-war protest and prejudice, secures the position of Goalkeeper at Manchester City, and in doing so becomes a footballing icon.


Tue 16 Jul The Favourite

Olivia Colman deserves every acting prize on the planet for finding the tragicomic core of Queen Anne, the monarch who ruled Great Britain in the early 18th century, mostly from her chambers. Gout has covered Anne’s legs in leaking sores; her memory is slipping; and she keeps 17 bunnies running around the palace to replace the 17 children she birthed and lost. Her Royal Highness leaves the business of ruling to Lady Sarah Churchill (Rachel Weisz, razor-sharp and sensational), who sleeps with the queen to make sure she’ll continue to aid her husband Lord Marlborough (Mark Gatiss), out commanding the army in Britain’s continuing war with the French. Enter Abigail Hill (Emma Stone, flat-out fabulous), Churchill’s cousin whose gambler of a late father has disgraced their noble family. She is down and out, literally, making quite the entrance as she’s kicked out of a coach and into the mud as a prelude to entering the palace. Sarah quickly dispatches her to scullery maid service. But in this frock-opera version of All About Eve, Abigail is soon working her way into the queen’s good graces, not to mention her bed.


Tue 20 Aug Mary Queen of Scots

Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan are never ones to hold back when it comes to roles (Harley Quinn, anyone?), and it's clear Mary, Queen of Scots will be no different. The two have really come out to play—actually, come out to fight, if we're being loyal to historical accuracy—in the first posters for the upcoming period drama. Saoirse Ronan plays the reigning Scottish queen, with Margot Robbie tackling Queen Elizabeth I, Mary's cousin and Queen of England and Ireland. Their family dynamics are very twisted, to say the least. The film focuses on Mary, Queen of Scots' attempt to overthrow and execute her cousin to take her throne. Elizabeth finds out about this attempt and condemns Mary to imprisonment and an eventual execution.



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