Filby Village Hall

Hall Secretary Mrs Joy Baldry

Tel. 01493 369375



Filby Village Hall, Filby Playing Field, Main Road, Filby, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR29 3HN

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Chairman Mr Adrian Thompson

Tel. 01493 369250



Village Hall, Club Room and Playing Field News - 30th December 2017

Car Park

Norfolk Construction and Landscaping have made a fine job with resurfacing the car park. Surplus shingle has been used to improve the Bowling Club's Car park and the access road to the overspill car parking field. Filby in Bloom's Saturday Crew followed up by tidying up the edging on the children's play area and creating a new drought garden by the entrance. NC&L have also turfed in front of the fence and have repaired the height barriers at the Playing Field Gates.


Car Park Height Barriers

Yes, it really has happened for the second time since the car park was renovated. The driver did come forward and replacement has been installed.


Phone Signals

Mobile phone signal coverage is poor throughout the village and it certainly so in the vicinity of the Playing Field. Hirers, who may need to an urgent phone call on occasions, should be aware that they can make a call via the Wi Fi systems installed in both the Village Hall and the Club Room. Learn how.


Children's Play Area.

New rubbish bins have been installed the play area. Two further bins have been purchased for use on the Playing Field.


Ventilator Fan

The broken ventilator fan has been fixed. Any user who has a problem with heating or cooling during their session should contact a member of the Committee or email us at



Peter Chapman has been successful in obtaining a further grant of £500 from the Norfolk Community Foundation for the purchase of two more picnic benches made from recycled plastic for the Village Hall. Three picnic benches have been ordered made out of recycled plastic.
















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