Filby Village Hall

Hall Secretary Mrs Joy Baldry

Tel. 01493 369375



Filby Village Hall, Filby Playing Field, Main Road, Filby, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR29 3HN

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Chairman Mr Adrian Thompson

Tel. 01493 369250



Village Hall, Club Room and Playing Field News - 15th January 2020

Hall News

The final design of the plaque for "The David Thompson Room" was agreed and was unvieled at the Childrens party on the 8th December. Daniel Evans is exploring the possibly of a sponsored bike ride to Thurne on 27 June 2020 following the route David Thompson would have taken as a Postman in the 1950/60's. Riders can raise sponsor money for there own preferred charity. Further details to follow. The committee are to purchase new hand dryers for the toilets and to replace a missing table in the Club Room



The broken drain cover on the car park has been replaced with a metal cover. Alma Iron craft have straightened the gate post and replace the Height Barrier. The Padlocks are to be replaced. Fennells have completed the fan repairs. The lack of power was due to key in the wall in the OFF position. This key is normally kept in a pot in the cupboard above the dishwasher. The fans are set on automatic. If the temperature is too high the louvres open and the top fan extracts hot air. If too cold, the the bottom fan comes on and pushes the hot air downwards. There should be no need to touch the controls.


Play Equipment

The Committee are to meet with potential play equipment suppliers on 20th Jan to discuss provision of new items for younger children.



Additional storage has been established in a new shipping container by the Bowls Club.


Health & Safety

A door to the Storage Room has been damaged as a result of tables, inappropriately stacked on a table trolley. Whilst the door has been repaired, the accident could have resulted in injury to persons nearby. Hirers are cautioned only to stack tables against the supports of the trolley before moving the trolley.


Club Room Audio Induction Loop

Filby’s Club Room is, now, equipped with an audio induction loop system to assist the hard of hearing. Unfortunately, the system does not lend itself to permanent installation so it must be set up (and taken down) on each occasion that it is used. These can be undertaken in about two minutes, following the instructions here.


Phone System

The Village Hall has been equipped with a telephone landline. The system comprises two ‘Big Button’ cordless handsets and a single ‘Big Button’ corded handset, which will continue to function during a powercut. All handsets are located in the kitchen. The phone system is to be used for EMERGENCY CALLS only. Hirers will be charged for any other use during their session. Anyone in difficulties using their mobile, for personal calls, is advised that a stronger signal can be obtained by stepping outside the Hall and moving towards the road. Otherwise, the hall’s high speed broadband can be used for making internet calls. Learn how.







Jim Robert's Mural of Village Life in the Hall