Filby Village Hall

Hall Secretary Mrs Joy Baldry

Tel. 01493 369375

Email. [email protected]


Filby Village Hall, Filby Playing Field, Main Road, Filby, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR29 3HN

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Chairman Mr Adrian Thompson

Tel. 01493 369250

Email. [email protected]


As early as 2004, as part of a Village Plan, residents had identified the need for a venue where large numbers of people could gather, hold social events and undertake exercise. Such a building would include changing rooms to enable better use to be made of the village's Playing Field as a sports ground. When, in 2006, closure of the village's Church Hall was inevitable, Filby's only remaining meeting place was its 'Club Room', a small but picturesque thatched cottage donated to the village in the 1800s. The Club Room could accommodate no more than forty, very cramped people at best.


It, therefore, became clear that Filby was in need of a new, modern communal building if the growth of the village’s community spirit was not to be stifled. It was agreed that a project to acquire new facilities would be best undertaken by the Playing Field Committee. The village has been fundraising since then and has raised close to £200,000, to such an end, through donations, small grants, income derived from recycling newspapers, glass, clothes and shoes and holding events such as our Annual August Bank Holiday Fete.


After consultation with potential users, an initial building design was undertaken by Committee Member, Percy Hudson. This was refined by another village resident, architect Graham Brown. A detailed design and costing by Norwich based Architects, Owen Bond Partnership was funded by an initial small grant from BIG Lottery.


Over the years, a number of grant applications have been made, principally to the Reaching Communities Building Fund of BIG Lottery and, so far, our track record is Played 8, Won 5, Lost 3! The latest round was made to a limited fund available for new village halls, that was announced in November 2010. We were seeking a maximum grant of £500,000.


BIG Lottery have provided the community with lots of help and encouragement in fulfilling their requirements and the assistance of Norfolk Rural Community Council has been vital in steering the Committee through the complex three stage application procedure.


The Stage 3 Application Form was a simple 11 page document but this needed the support of a 219 page Business Plan, to demonstrate that the Committee was capable of running the new hall, and a 294 page Capital Project Plan to demonstrate that the building would be completed as planned, on time and within  budget. An initial grant of £26,400 funded this work. The building would cost a further  £629,000 against which we were seeking a balance of £473,600 from BIG Lottery with the remainder of £155,400 to be met from village funds. Our Stage 3 Application was submitted on 12th June 2014, it weighed over 6 Kilograms and cost £26 to post to BIG Lottery! We learnt of our success on 2nd October 2014.


That information was embargoed until 21st October and appeared in the local press four days later. Building commenced on 10th November 2014.


Filby Village Hall - Our Project

BIG Lottery Press Release                     Eastern Daily Press 25th Oct 2014








Clubroom (2) Pavillion Club Room Interior